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Plant-based goodness

The protein choices we make impact both our health and the climate. We are shifting to more plant-based proteins with a view to finding more sustainable options and giving our customers more to choose from.

A pink hexagonal plate on white marble bench top. On the plate are baby spinach leaves decoratively arranged in a ring.

More plant-based options – less climate impact

There is no doubt about it. Our customers are looking for more plant-based food options, so we’re striving to give them more choice. By adding options that are delicious, nutritious and responsibly produced to our packaged food offer, restaurants and bistros, we can also have a positive impact on the climate.

A customer wearing a pink jumper accepts her meal from a smiling Swedish Bistro co-worker wearing a dark blue uniform.

Find out how we extract protein from peas to make our meatless meatball

    Goals for 2025

    • 50% of main meals offered in our restaurants will be plant-based
    • 80% of main meals offered in the restaurants will be non-red meat
    • 80% of all packaged food offered will be plant-based
    • 80% of all main meals offered in the restaurants will meet our internal criteria for healthier food


    IKEA restaurant meals: 50% plant-based by 2025

    A person stirring HUVUDROLL plant balls with a wooden spoon whilst they’re being fried on an induction hub.

    A meatball without the meat

    Like the taste of meat but not the climate footprint? Then this member of our HUVUDROLL family might be something for you.

    Learn more about HUVUDROLL
    A child reaching up to a counter top in an IKEA store, picking up a veggie hot dog topped with ketchup and dried onions.

    The veggie hot dog

    Looking for more plant-based meal options? Then our veggie dog is for you. All the flavour of the classic dog, but with no animal ingredients and a smaller climate footprint.

    Learn more about our veggie hot dog

    Soft ice – a cool way to lower your climate footprint

    Soft ice is one of the most popular IKEA Bistro products worldwide. Available in vanilla and strawberry, this vegan treat not only tastes great, but also has almost half the climate footprint of its dairy-based friend.

    A hand of a person wearing a grey top and purple nail varnish holding an ice-cream cone filled with strawberry soft ice.
    Two adults and a child about to enjoy a meal together while seated at a white table in an IKEA Swedish Bistro.

    More food that’s delicious, healthy and sustainable

    We believe that making healthier and more sustainable food the easy, affordable, and delicious choice is a vital part of creating a better everyday life for the many people.

    How we work with food