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Calming curtains with colours that blend in

With room darkening curtains like these, you can add a layer of soft elegance and keep out winter draughts and summer heat. The calm colours are quite neutral, so they’re easy to combine with other colours. They are made from minimum 90% recycled polyester.

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A grey dressing gown hangs on a wall next to a light grey MAJGULL room darkening curtain near a BJÖRKSNÄS bedside table.
A pair of ANNAKAJSA room darkening curtains hang in front of a window which has a TREDANSEN block-out cellular blind.
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A new look – quick, easy and budget-friendly

The cotton/jute blend of these cushion covers gives them a slightly rough feel and adds a special edge to their look. The throws, made from recycled polyester, feel soft and cosy, with their own distinctive knitted appeal. Perfect when you fancy a makeover!

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Two cushions in different KORALLBUSKE cushion covers and two throws lie on a FYRESDAL day-bed with two mattresses.
An off-white HUMLEMOTT throw and a yellow-beige HUMLEMOTT throw lie on a day-bed with some patterned cushions.
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Soft new towels with a natural colour scheme

More than just soft and absorbent, VALLASÅN towels, like all our towels, are made in a responsible way from quality materials so you can trust them on your skin. The earth tone colour comes from a plant – and is a step on the way towards using more renewable materials.

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A folded light green VALLASÅN bath towel lies on top of a pillow and a duvet inside light green KRÅKRISMOTT bed linen.
A light green VALLASÅN bath towel hangs from a white NEREBY s-hook hanging from a birch NEREBY rail.
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Curtain tracks that make it all easier

Fancy creating your own cosy nook with curtains all around your bed? Or hiding storage shelves away behind soft fabric so your space feels calm? From multiple layers in your windows to wall-to-wall room dividers, you can do it all with VIDGA track rails.

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A HAUGA upholstered bed stands by a window. Curtains hang from VIDGA track rails in front of the window and around the bed.
A corner of a room with VIDGA track set and SILVERLÖNN sheer curtains pulled closed hiding the wall shelves and storage.
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