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Bring the ocean home with the BLÅVINGAD collection

Inspired by children’s interest in the ocean, the BLÅVINGAD collection is designed to spark play and curiosity about the world’s largest habitat, from tots to tweens. Recycled materials, including those made from ocean-bound plastic (OBP), are used where possible.

A girl, wearing yellow sunglasses, points forward, wearing a BLÅVINGAD blue-green backpack on her back.

It’s time to listen to the kids

From our IKEA Kids’ Advisory Panel 2020, we learned that kids are very concerned about the ocean. Children want adults to listen to their fears because caring for the ocean is vital for the planet.

Immersed in play

At IKEA, we believe that play is critical for kids’ development and growth. The collection includes a submarine playset, cuddly soft toys and arts and crafts that will encourage curious little ones to discover the world.

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A young boy plays with a BLÅVINGAD submarine playset on a BLÅVINGAD ocean animal rug made from ocean-bound plastic.
A man dangles a BLÅVINGAD orca soft toy above a child lying on a BLÅVINGAD rug beside a bed covered in a KURA bed tent.
A BLÅVINGAD octopus-shaped night-light is switched on in a dim room; a BLÅVINGAD turtle-shaped LED wall lamp is lit above it.
Two children colour in an ocean scene with fish and animals on a BLÅVINGAD colouring paper roll with felt-tip pens.
Kids’ fingers squish and roll out ocean shapes from colourful dough using BLÅVINGAD modelling dough cutters.
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Drift away to deep dreams

The BLÅVINGAD collection includes bed linen bursting with kids’ favourite marine creatures – turtles, penguins, and the majestic blue whale. Made from 100% cotton or cotton blends, your little one is guaranteed a restful slumber.

A small boy sleeps in a BLÅVINGAD ocean animals duvet cover in a KURA bed covered by a KURA bed tent.
A white SMÅSTAD loft bed is dressed in a BLÅVINGAD penguin duvet cover with a BLÅVINGAD filled penguin cushion.
BLÅVINGAD soft toys are arranged in and in front of a round window with cushions in BLÅVINGAD ocean animal cushion covers.

Our ocean friends

We used findings from our Kids’ Advisory Panel to create five cute friends based on kids’ favourite marine animals, including the dolphin and orca. They are the perfect cuddly companions for play and for comfort.

Free to express yourself

As kids get a little older, a space to call their own is essential to their personal odyssey. Expressive textiles, accessories and educational games create a safe haven for children to dive into their imaginations.

A boy stands on a bed dressed in a BLÅVINGAD whale duvet cover pretending to be a pirate; another boy plays on the floor.
A boy plays with a BLÅVINGAD fishing game on a window seat with a cushion in a BLÅVINGAD octopus cushion cover.
A boy, wrapped in a BLÅVINGAD cotton towel with a hood, pretends to be shark in front of a round window.
A girl wears a BLÅVINGAD backpack with accessories and a bottle filled with juice in the front mesh pockets.
A girl, painting a poster of the world, sits on the floor beside a bed dressed in a BLÅVINGAD turtle duvet cover.

Textiles for seaside to shore

The BLÅVINGAD collection is packed to the brim with ocean-inspired textiles including towels and cushions. In shades of blue and green, these soft accessories bring the ocean into your kids’ space.

A BLÅVINGAD 100% cotton bath towel with colourful turtles hangs from a wooden rack on a white wood panelled wall.
A BLÅVINGAD coral-shaped cushion is on rattan armchair with a BLÅVINGAD octopus night-light in a warmly lit bedroom corner.

The ocean is my home

From tiny ones to tweens, take inspiration from the ocean and create an immersive and imaginative space for your child.