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The hip hub

Carve out a collaborative and creative space for your startup. Flexible furniture and smart storage can help your team brainstorm, showcase products, support customers and bring guests in for sneak-peeks. All at once.

Every startup needs a do-it-all-desk. Use a sit and stand table for desk work and quick, last-minute meetings. Adjustable stools are there to match your desk height — and to take a breather from all that brainstorming.

Open storage shelves keep the office open and airy — and it's the perfect opportunity to show off your product line. Clamp on a few spotlights to make them shine (and give them that extra bling bling).

This trio uses a chalkboard to write down ideas and notes from their creative meetings. When your office is also your showroom, it's important to have lockable storage (gotta keep those prototypes safe!). These storage units have optional NFC locks for easy and secure opening.