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Create a home away from home

Charm? Check. Warmth? Check. Character? In spades. With its cosy colour palette, comfortable bedrooms, hangout spaces and homey atmosphere, this bed and breakfast is a home from home for its guests – as well as a place to get a good night’s sleep.

Repurposed furniture creates zones in the reception area. A VADHOLMA kitchen island becomes a welcome desk with lots of shelf space to display objects for sale. Add a KULLABERG barstool and a NÄVLINGE clamp spotlight to create a comfortable check-in space.

Forget small cafe-style tables, here larger tables bring guests together for family style meals in a cosy space. The TOMMARYD table is combined with different colours of YNGVAR chairs for a relaxed, mix and match feel that encourages people to stay longer and chat.

Mobile furniture like the classic stainless steel KUNGSFORS kitchen trolley makes it easy to keep the breakfast area stocked up throughout the day. Flexible wall space is created by the KUNGSFORS wall grid, providing a neat place to hang small necessities like cutlery.

Create a quiet corner for guests with this comfortable REMSTA chair. Try placing it near a door or window that opens onto a peaceful planted terrace and add a floor lamp for reading to make an ideal place to relax after a long day of sightseeing.