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Nesting in progress

A dream, a lot of drive, and a deadline: three essentials for any DIY renovation, as the two new parents living here can tell you! With help from their friends, they turned their new one-bedroom rental into a cosy family home just in time for baby’s due date. Let’s see how it turned out:

Step 1: Plan

They wanted their home to feel warm and welcoming, but what that looked like? They had no idea! So, they started by collecting examples of colours and textures they loved, which helped narrow it down to rich, earthy tones and natural materials.

Step 2: Furnish

A lot of the furniture is from their previous flat. The add-ons were mostly ornaments and accessories, plus a few other items to make the space more flexible. Take the coffee tables, for instance. If baby needs space to play, they can be easily picked up and pushed aside.

Step 3: Improvise

New kitchen? Not quite. Basic functions already in place, all this couple had to do was make a few swaps and add on extra storage. You wouldn’t even guess that it’s the same space – which just goes to show what’s possible when you work with what you have.

Materials like bamboo, rattan, seagrass and linen are woven throughout the home. They’re natural, renewable, and give this apartment its authentic, down-to-earth style.

Step 4: Prioritise

Living small has taught this young family one valuable lesson – that if it really matters, you can make space for it. Case in point, their dining room table. An eight-seater felt like a splurge at first, but with friends and family over so often, its size has served them well.

Step 5: Maximise

The apartment’s single bedroom brought the challenge of finding comfortable sleep spaces for both parents and newborn baby. Dividing the room with a curtain, they’ve created the feeling of a separate nursery, while keeping their little one close by.