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Make your new house a home

So you’ve moved in, but it doesn’t feel like home yet? We’ve got a few tricks up our bed sheets to help you settle in.

The ELVARLI storage system filled with clothing and books in a loft apartment featuring muted tones and exposed bricks.
The ELVARLI storage system filled with clothing and books in a loft apartment featuring muted tones and exposed bricks.

Settle in quickly

It can take time to get used to a new house and to really feel at home in it. To help speed up that process, make sure you do your planning right.

Lighting the way

Lighting can instantly set a mood and make your home feel cosy and familiar. It’s also vital for practicality. Make sure you have temporary lighting solutions if setting up your lighting is complicated or time-consuming.

Bathroom essentials

Keep your bathroom essentials close and organised when moving. That way your routines can continue seamlessly and kick-start the feeling of being home.

No need to unpack

If you organise and pack efficiently beforehand, you’ll be able to simply lift out sections of boxes or bags in your new home. The same goes for items that will be in storage again, sort and pack it before the move, so that you don’t have to do it twice.

It’s easier than you think

Simple things can make a house feel like a home. Instead of leaving home decoration for later, use our home furnishing service to get it right from the start. PS: IKEA Family members can join workshops and seminars tackling topics like home furnishing and interior styles.

Figure out your flow

Your living patterns, routines, and hobbies will help you determine where to place everything. For example, if you read a lot, your books might take pride of place in the living room.

Small wins

Emptying boxes by filling up your bookshelves and cabinets can be quite satisfying. Start with boxes that contain one type of item, so that the unpacking feels lighter.

Something familiar

The smell of coffee or the warmth of a bath can both give you the break you deserve and make you feel more at home in an instant.

The perfect time to do it better

Whether you want to be more organised or perhaps live more in the present, there is no better time to commit to a new lifestyle than now.

Stay organised

You’ve put in a lot of effort to organise things when you moved. Instead of letting things get cluttered again, make a point of keeping it neat. Add storage and dividers inside drawers, cabinets or on wall shelves to help keep things organised.

The busiest room

A hallway is the first space you enter. Keeping it organised can help you feel more in control. Choose closed storage if you tend to clutter up fast, and re-create routines to settle in quicker.

Involve your senses

To make settling in a positive experience, try playing some of your favourite music while you unpack. Create warmth and atmosphere by furnishing with light or lighting a couple of candles.

Always make your home your own and no one else’s. Be inspired by trends and styles, but make it work for you and your family – you have to live there after all.

Lina Aldén, Interior Designer at IKEA

What’s next?

You are finally done unpacking. Now what? Remove and recycle! You can also store your boxes and give to friends when they are moving. Fun fact, when you use IKEA’s assembly service, removal of packaging is included – yay!

Improve your storage

In your new home, try to store things better. An easy way to do this is to use clear containers. Then you don’t have to rearrange the garage to get to that bottom box, just to discover it’s the wrong one.

Old becomes new

Recycling can also mean repurposing packaging, boxes, and storage solutions for something else like planting spices in a container or carrying your groceries in sorting bags.

Celebrate with a housewarming

Last, but most certainly not least, gather your friends and celebrate. Everything might not be perfect yet, but guess what? You did it! You moved in. Here’s to a new house, a new you, and memories-in-the-making.