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How to decorate with candles this festive season

There’s nothing like lighting candles to get the mood just right. Try these tips to help you create a feeling of calm and cosiness.

Close-up of a candelabra with LED candles.
Close-up of a candelabra with LED candles.

The modern candelabra

‘Candlelight is the perfect way to create a warm atmosphere at home,’ says Stina Lanneskog, designer of the new ÄPPELVIKEN chandelier. Which is why her new ceiling pendant makes it possible to combine functional electric light with mood lighting from candles. ‘Today we want good light for different needs in the same room – ÄPPELVIKEN is adaptable in that way.’

Light up your dinner party

Stina’s ÄPPELVIKEN offers two types of light: ‘The customer can choose the light output.’ Add an electric bulb to its central fitting to light up the whole room then, as the night winds down, turn the bulb off and switch to softer light from candles or tealights that you can fit to the holders on this four-armed chandelier. Or try LED candles like LJUSANDE shown here.

3 more tips for furnishing with candles

1. Decorate with candlelight

Mix accessories and types of candles to create a display that will make your room feel extra special during the festive season. ‘Try putting lanterns, different-sized candlesticks and candelabras on different levels.’

Scent can enhance your mood. I get a warm festive feeling if I smell cinnamon or clove, so I look for candles scented with one of those

Stina Lanneskog, designer

2. Use scent to set the mood

Scent is a powerful sense. For Stina, when it comes to fragranced candles, less is more: ‘I like when you can still sense the scents from the coffee you are brewing or the food cooking.’ Try lavender for a sense of calm, vanilla for a nostalgic aroma, or cinnamon to feel festive.

3. Stay safe

Real candles have a romantic appeal, but it is important to remember never to leave a naked flame unattended. ‘If the candle smokes — or if the flame flares in a strange way — blow it out immediately,’ says Stine. And remember to keep candles out of reach of children and pets. LED candles are a great alternative and can work anywhere in the home. They are economical, too.

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