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Home visit: step inside an urban jungle

Take a love of houseplants to the next level. Turn your home into a thriving greenhouse and enjoy the benefits of nature indoors...

A view through lots of plants to a living room with grey sofa and patterned rug.
A view through lots of plants to a living room with grey sofa and patterned rug.

Let a hobby grow into a passion that fills your whole home. The first thing you notice when you step into Miriam’s home are the hundreds of plants that surround you. ‘My collection grew from just one plant to more than 150 tropical varieties in under a year – it quickly became an obsession!’

My plants give me peace and also energy. I love the fresh air in my house and the high humidity makes my skin feel healthier

Miriam, Switzerland

Even in a home filled with plants like this one, you can create pockets of space where the greenery is stripped back, leaving room to sit and relax. ‘Some people practise yoga or meditate to relax, but my plants help me unwind,’ says Miriam.

Extend your passion for plants to textiles, artwork and wall coverings. Miriam has created a leafy banner around her bedroom walls using botanical-print napkins that look just like wallpaper.

Here are Miriam’s top five tips for keeping plants healthy:

  1. Be informed about each plant and its needs.
  2. Plants need light, so keep them as close to windows as possible.
  3. It’s better to water sparingly than too much.
  4. Give your plants a lot of love, everything grows with love.
  5. Have patience, growing takes time.
Plants are living. Some close at night and open in the day. I notice them moving when I’m relaxing on the sofa

Miriam, Switzerland

Here’s how Miriam’s collection grew:
You could call this an addiction. I bought one plant, two plants and then before I knew it, I became completely obsessed! It’s cheaper than collecting handbags! There are so many different beautiful plants in this world and I want them all, so I have to stick to buying just one a week. Learn how to use cuttings to propagate and grow plants for free. It’s a healthy habit. My plants are great for my wellbeing, too. I quickly discovered that the high humidity keeps my skin healthy and my mind calm.

    Take a tour of Miriam’s plant-filled home.

    Miriam shares her two-bedroom house with her husband and daughter. The house was completely white when they moved in, so Miriam added colour with greenery. ‘I love the way the green plants really stand out against the white walls,’ she says. ‘Nature means a lot to me. And now, even when I’m at home, I can feel outside.’

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    Interior stylist: Ashlyn Gibson
    Photographer: Benjamin Edwards
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