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Home visit: five ways to benefit from house plants

Plants are a good way to boost wellbeing at home – purifying the air and bringing in nature’s calming effect. They’re also a great way to furnish a space. Get inspired by the mix of practical and decorative plant ideas found in this modern, monochrome home.

A monochrome interior with a white sideboard decorated using lots of potted green plants.
A monochrome interior with a white sideboard decorated using lots of potted green plants.

1. Screen a space for privacy The living room, kitchen and dining area in this home are one open space. It’s great for giving the family a sense of togetherness, but for the times when it’s nice to feel cocooned in the living room, adding a row of plants to the console behind the sofa creates a ‘wall’ that gives the family the best of open- and closed-space living.

2. Dress your sideboards Think beyond artwork and cute objects when creating displays – mix in plants for natural warmth. A fail-safe tip for displays? Use the ‘skyline’ rule! Build the pieces at different heights, from skyscraper to low-rise. Put taller pieces at the back and include a few items with interesting silhouettes to catch the eye.

3. Bring dead space to life Above doors, ceilings, stairwells – homes are full of ‘dead’ space that’s overlooked because it’s awkward. Use plants to turn it into a living space. Arrange them on shelves, use hooks and rails, or hang them. Just be sure to match the type of plant – light- or shade-loving, in need of frequent watering – to the space you have available.

4. Arrange an everlasting bouquet Today’s artificial flowers look so real they make you do a double take! What you lose in health benefits, you gain in low maintenance and enduring beauty. Here, stalks of artificial ranunculus and baby’s breath have been woven round a chandelier’s frame to create a spring wreath to hang above the dining table.

5. Cultivate a kitchen garden We’re more likely to use things that are close to hand, so why not encourage cooking with fresh herbs by adding a small herb garden to your kitchen? Even a small pot can yield a generous crop, so you won’t need a lot of room. Grow yours on windowsills or sunny corners of your worktop.

Plants warm up my monochrome home ‘I’m not naturally green-fingered but I’m getting better!’ says Sofie, who tried these plant ideas for us. ‘Plants make you feel good – they’re calming and make home more comfortable. They complement our black and white scheme – maybe that’s why I love green!’

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