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Home visit: enjoy crafts together with friends

Try out a new hobby and a new way of hosting. Amanda loves holding craft nights at her cottage – here’s how she sets the scene for festive wreath-making.

A table decorated with festive wreaths and accessories.
A table decorated with festive wreaths and accessories.

Craft nights are fun and affordable to host, and everyone goes home with something handmade. ‘I’ve always loved sewing, and building and making things,’ says Amanda. ‘We all take it in turns to host craft nights – it’s so much easier than throwing a dinner party! Matching crockery and some sweet treats are all it takes.’

To make their festive wreaths, Amanda and her friends wrap artificial greenery around embroidery hoops, using twine to fix the pieces in place. Adding dried citrus fruits gives the wreaths a sweet, festive smell. The small ones can be used to decorate chairs, while the bigger ones create a centrepiece for a wall, table or door.

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Photographer: Christina Bull