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Home visit: a colourful home organised for fun

Step inside this family home in Australia to see how they use colour and organisation to create a home that feels fun and refreshing.

A living room with two winged armchairs in yellow and dark green, a black and white rug and TV unit.
A living room with two winged armchairs in yellow and dark green, a black and white rug and TV unit.

Space to share

An open-plan layout makes Abeer’s kitchen/diner the easiest space to share with her two sons Hamza (6), Azaan (3) and husband Aetesam. “It’s the central part of the house, connected to everything, so it’s the most lively and practical room. I’m always doing something in the kitchen, and the boys have their own table where they eat, play or do crafts – so it’s easy to keep an eye on them.”

Show your personality

Abeer uses colour to give her home character and storage to keep it looking calm. “I’m a colourful person and I’m definitely not a minimalist, but too much clutter makes me anxious,” says Abeer. In the hallway, colourful mirrors give guests a warm welcome and low storage hides the kids’ sports kit. “I have open shelves in most rooms to display the things we actually want to see!”

Be bold with colour

Relocating has given Abeer the chance to experiment with colour for the first time. “People say you get tired of seeing colour – maybe that was in the back of my mind before we moved here so I always stuck to neutral interiors. But now I love living with colour. It makes me feel brighter. We’re renting, so furniture, artwork and textiles are the easiest ways to bring colour in.”

Having bright colours at home makes me happy. Yellow is my favourite. When I come home tired, I look around and the colours give me a real boost.


I always start by thinking about how we really live. Asking where will I put my coat, where will I put my keys? Once you figure that out, it all works better.


Fun for the family

Add little touches that make it easy for kids to join in around your home. “The boys share a bedroom and it’s quite small, so it’s important that they can play and have fun in the rest of the house too. They already bring home so much stuff from school and kindergarten – soon I’ll start thinking about creating a little study nook for them somewhere.”

Calm sleep space

Abeer’s bedroom is a quieter space. “I didn’t want too much colour in here because it needs to feel peaceful.” This is the first home where Abeer has had indoor plants. “I like having a mix of real plants and artificial ones. If there’s a corner that’s missing something, I just add plants and then that corner looks good to me.”

We use the deck area like an extra room, the comfy, bright coloured furniture makes it feel like an extension of the house. Foldaway furniture means we can easily welcome extra guests.


A portrait of Abeer and her family.

A new way to live

Abeer and her family moved from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia, and then to Australia. “We love it here. It’s very different and we’re far away from family, but we know this is the kind of lifestyle we want for ourselves and for our kids. We’re really happy to be here.”

I like order, but kids are kids. This home is for all of us so you learn to adapt and go with it! Lots of white or sharp lines just wouldn’t work for us.


A floorplan of Abeer’s home.

Find your own way

When Abeer and her family moved here two years ago, they didn’t bring any of their old things with them. “We’ve settled in nicely, but it was a slow process. We weren’t in a rush, so we just kept adding over time as I worked out what suited us. I think our home’s style is not too ‘done’. It can be a bit random, but still, it works out in the end – that’s our kind of place.”

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Made by
Interior designer: Lucy Tweed
Photographer: Chris Court
Follow Abeer on Instagram: @abeer_sadiq