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Home visit: 4 steps to a summer-ready balcony

Summer is on its way. Warmer days, shorter nights – the chance to open the doors and spend time outside. Here’s how!

A balcony with plants, chairs, table and pendant lamp.
A balcony with plants, chairs, table and pendant lamp.

1. Think inside out If you plan your outside space like you would any other room in your home, you’ll enjoy your time out there even more. Make your seating comfortable, create areas where you can do different things, add textiles that can easily be taken indoors if the weather changes.

2. Make practical use of the space A rain-free day is an opportunity to save energy and line-dry laundry. Try this everyday tip from Mia Lundström to save on washing loads: ‘I have a clothes rail on my balcony that I use to air linen and semi-dirty clothes.’

3. Accessorise! However you choose to plant up your balcony, don’t stop at potted flowers and greenery for character. Add a mix of accessories that you like. Found objects, old broken pots, oversized glassware – anything, as long as you enjoy looking at it…

My time in Delhi taught me the value of fresh air. The climate in Bengaluru is gentler and fresher, so I spend a lot of time living out here in my extra room

Mia Lundström

4. Turn the lights on Candles, lanterns and tealights will all give your outdoor ‘room’ a cosy, intimate feeling and are easy to take indoors if the weather changes. For tasks that need a little more focus, like eating, try floor and table lamps designed for outdoor use. For even smarter lighting, invest in solar-powered lamps, like Mia’s vintage IKEA SOLVINDEN table lamp.

Mia Lundström moved from Sweden to a first-floor apartment in Bengaluru, via Delhi, to join the team opening IKEA in India, as creative director of Life At Home.

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Photographer: Benjamin Edwards