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Shop housewarming gifts that’ll bring their new home to life

There’s nothing like knowing you’ve given a good housewarming gift. From beautiful decorations to practical accessories – and everything in between. Here are our top tips for your next gift.

KONSTFULL vases in glass with flowers on a white table in bright room.

Gift them with new ways to serve with a smile

No matter the recipe, we’ve got measuring tools to ensure that their creations turn out just right. And once that’s done, we’ve got serving bowls to present snacks, sides or even a 3-course meal for their guests. All they have to do is measure, mix and serve – it's that simple!

Explore serving bowls
GENOMSNITT kitchen scale, PROPPMÄTT cutting board, KORKEN jar with a lid and BLANDA serving bowl.
Explore serving bowls

The best housewarming gifts last longer than your visits

Better sound, cleaner air or smarter lighting. Nothing says welcome home like new home electronics. And with these practical housewarming gifts, you can help them find new ways to make the most of their life at home – every day.

Discover home electronics
Discover home electronics

Gifts that’ll soften up their homes (and their hearts)

Put the warm in housewarming with fluffy throws, hand towels, tea towels and more. Our selection of home textiles are an affordable, easy and effective way to bring new energy into a home. All you have to do is decide how to mix and match different styles and colours. Wrap their home in comfort and quality for years to come.

Check out home textiles
SALVIKEN hand towel and bath towel in anthracite next to watch and mirror in front of white tiles.
RINNIG tea towels in white, dark grey and patterned on a black rack on a white wall.
Handmade HILLEGÄRD throw in pink on wooden chair on wooden floor in front of a white curtain.
VÅGSJÖN hand towel and bath towel in light beige on BEKVÄM stepladder in front of a window.
INGABRITTA throw on a light coloured sofa on a white wooden floor in front of a white wall.
Check out home textiles

Help make everyday routines feel like a breeze

Moving in and unpacking all your stuff takes its toll on a new space. So, why not provide the tools to help clean up the home and start fresh? Everyday chores become less demanding with the right cloths, buckets and other cleaning accessories. And they’re sure to be a hit when you help tidy up after the housewarming party.

Find cleaning accessories
PEPPRIG cleaning set in white and blue colours on wooden rack on rosa dusted wall.
Find cleaning accessories

Do you know someone who’s just moved into a new home? Let us help you celebrate their new adventure with personalised housewarming gifts. Put together your own housewarming gift basket with fun accessories and home necessities from IKEA. Or find that one thing that’s guaranteed to help them feel right at home.

Whether you’re looking for housewarming gifts for couples, first-time movers or new families, we can help you find exactly what you need to put a smile on their faces. Moving into a new space doesn’t happen overnight. But, the best housewarming gifts can quickly become a token of the exciting next chapter of their lives.

From the small things that make a big difference to the big things that tie the whole home together, good housewarming gifts help turn four walls into a home. That’s why we’ve collected our best ideas for the next time you’re dropping by their new place, get invited to their first party or simply want to welcome a new neighbour.

Check out our selection of decorative accessories, textiles, kitchen supplies and more to find new inspiration for what to bring to your next housewarming event. Welcome friends, family, loved ones and new acquaintances home with gifts from the heart. A framed picture from that holiday you spent together. A new vase for the flowers you plan to bring over. Or maybe just a few practical necessities for the bathroom, the kitchen or the living room. Whatever you need, you can find it right here.