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Extend your home outdoors

Libertad and Rober love the three French windows in their Madrid apartment: ‘Our home looks over the city, so it’s nice that we can see the sky from our balcony!’ says Libertad. Each window opens up onto a miniature balcony that they use as extensions of their open-plan living space. Here they share their ideas for making the most of their small outdoor space!

Furnish a tiny balcony with plants to extend living space.
Furnish a tiny balcony with plants to extend living space.
Even with just a little space beyond the window, you can create an outdoor area that has a big impact on the inside of your home!

Libertad, interior designer, Spain

Screen with a natural canopy

Tall plants around the window are a great way to create a warm dappled light, hide a less attractive view, or form a decorative screen if your home is overlooked.

Grow a scented kitchen garden

A kitchen garden just outside the window means easy access to fresh herbs while you’re cooking – and the breeze will bring their fragrant aromas into your home!

Enjoy a room with a view

Keeping one balcony unfurnished apart from two low stools, means Libertad and Rober can enjoy an uninterrupted view whether they’re on the stools or looking out from the sofa.

Cultivate an urban orchard

If you have room for more than a herb garden, fruit trees are a great option – they’ll create a sweet scent as the fruits grow, and provide you with a plentiful crop for juicing and baking when it’s time to harvest. When summer comes, Rober uses fresh lemons from the balcony to make a simple mousse or to garnish drinks.

Our small pockets of the outdoors are perfect for little moments of relaxation, with a book, breakfast or a drink in the warm evenings


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