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Bedroom of a stylist - part 3

What would your perfect bedroom look like? For stylist Amanda, the bedroom of her dreams is all about soft muted colours, plays of light on the wall and the feeling of tranquil calm.

A big grey bed, crisp sheets and pillows, draping textiles. What’s your dream bedroom?
A big grey bed, crisp sheets and pillows, draping textiles. What’s your dream bedroom?

Bedrooms and calmness go hand to hand (at least dream bedrooms do) and it was this tranquility that was the guiding idea in Amanda’s dream bedroom.

”My first thought was to create a space where I could be surrounded by light, air and calmness. To do that I kept everything at a low level with a large open wall where patterns could be created by the play of light. Sometimes there are more patterns, sometimes less, depending on the weather, and I love that, that you never know which kind of “art” will come.”

Not that shadows and light playing across the walls would be the only art in the room.

“Photography is a big passion in my life. I just can’t live without it. So it’s a must have in my bedroom. I think it creates a more personal and a deeper touch to the room. Also pictures are something you can change whenever, depending on which mood you’re in.”

It might be a little lower than usual, but Amanda finds having a bed without legs brings a more interesting shape to the room. In terms of textiles she went with different shades of gray, beige and dusty green linen that match the rooms overall colour palette.

My dream bedroom is defined by its light, air and calm. Living in the middle of the city it has to be a oasis from the bustling world outside.

Amanda Rodriguez, Interior designer

Photography isn’t the only thing Amanda likes to be creative with.

“Since I love interesting shapes and materials, I decided to do my own bedside table. Here I just used a CYLINDER glass vase as the foot and a SINNERLIG dish for the top to make a quite elegant bedside companion.”

Ultimately of course this natural coloured, airy bedroom space is designed to be woken up in.

“I love to wake up in sunlight, the window open so you can hear the city waking up outside, to me that’s an amazing feeling, especially in the summertime, when the bird songs are included.”

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Made by

Interior designer: Amanda Rodriguez
Photographer: Andrea Papini
Writer: James Rynd