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7 bright new bedroom buys to give you a boost

This season, stop putting up with the things that don’t work for you! Make your bedroom a better place to wake up with bright colours and even brighter design ideas…

A white bed frame with built-in storage dressed with pink bedding.
A white bed frame with built-in storage dressed with pink bedding.

Multifunctional hero

For a bedroom short on floorspace, the new PLATSA bed frame has a long list of solutions. Not only does it combine your sleep space with adaptable modular storage (shelves, drawers, cupboards…), PLATSA can also serve as a room divider in a shared or studio apartment. Bonus points for being lightweight and easy to assemble, allowing it to flow with your changing life situations.

The forecast looks bright this Autumn! Hit refresh with smarter organisation and an energising colour palette

Artfully organised

The NIKKEBY collection refuses to blend in. Styled with curved metal framework in a bold shade of red, the storage furniture will make an impact on both the look and feel of your bedroom – from restoring calm and order with the spacious chest of drawers, to creating an art installation from your wardrobe with the geometric clothes rack.

Colour block revival

This season, we’re looking back to take a step forward. Textiles take inspiration from the positive power of the eighties’ colour palette – bright red, pink, green and yellow. The addition of a few cushions will bring an upbeat mood to an old piece of furniture – try furnishing with the KLOCKRANKA cushion cover for the ultimate reboot.

Mix and match

When it comes to clashing patterns, throw out the rulebook! Mix and match the KLOCKRANKA colour block cushion with the STRÄVKLINT’s ombré effect. It’s easy to tie the look together as both cushion covers are cut from the same cloth – printed on 100% cotton with a fine sateen weave finish.

Sleek lighting design

Reinvent your bedroom workspace. Tasked with giving the work lamp a facelift, designer Henrik Preutz has created a sleek new look for the desktop essential. SVALLET still does all of the hard work you’d expect from a work lamp but comes in the form of a simple, streamlined design – so much so, it won a 2019 Red Dot award.

Made more eco

Not only does the SVALLET work lamp look good, it does good, too. Made from recycled plastic, the lamp is designed to be space-smart in production – the shade fits directly into the lamp foot, making it a smaller flat-pack package and saving on transport emissions. (And it’s even easier for you to take home!)

Dream in feel-good cotton

Tap into the unicorn trend! Bring positive vibes to the bedroom by waking up surrounded by this dreamy, multicolour quilt cover. Printed on 100% cotton which is made from more sustainable sources, PIPSTÄKRA is also reversible, giving you the joy of switching to its refreshing turquoise underside whenever you wish.

We love to see our customers get creative with our products. Go for it! But please note that altering or modifying IKEA products so they can no longer be re-sold or used for their original purpose, means the IKEA commercial guarantees and your right to return the products will be lost.