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5 essential tips for a fantastic dinner party table setting

So you’re hosting a dinner party and want to win a few wows with your table setting? We can help out! Come check out our stylist Jenny’s guide to lifting your dining table from the every day to something a bit more special.

5 essential tips to decorate a holiday table setting
5 essential tips to decorate a holiday table setting

1. First thing to do is to find yourself a theme. It could be around a vintage dinnerware, nature, anything you like really. What you’re after are things that match each other in colour and/or character. For this one Jenny’s drawn inspiration from winter with light calm colours, woolly socks and evergreen branches.

2. Then move on to your table top. Think about laying down a textile first and don’t be afraid to personalise each place setting with a greeting card or something fun from your theme (we’ve used branches). Just keep all your place settings similar for a stronger impact.

3. Think about under the table too. Stuff like rugs, cushions or textiles on the table legs bring a big boost to your celebrations look. They can even be pretty whimsical, in our one Jenny’s used thick winter socks for guests to continue on with our winter theme.

4. Decorating above the table helps make a super cosy and intimate celebration. We’ve used hanging lights and pine branches, but it could be flags, streamers or disco balls, just think about height so your guests can stand up ok.

5. Lastly is to look at final touches. This can be the time to add candles or dim the lights and check you have room to fit your serving plates in too. Good luck with your celebration! 

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Photographer: Katrina Domin
Interior designer: Jenny Wik
Copy writer: James Rynd