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Coffee & tea

Ice cold with a slice of lemon, or hot and frothy with lots of milk? Here you'll find everything you need to make your perfect cup of tea or coffee. Also, we have different styles of vacuum flasks to keep things at the right, hot or cold, temperature.

New coffee and tea maker that’s tasty simplicity

Our IKEA 365+ series has everything for your table, refreshing coffee and tea breaks included. Pour hot water over ground coffee beans or tea leaves in the IKEA 365+ coffee/tea maker, push the strainer down, and serve straight to your cup.

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A round glass jar containing an ÄNGSBLÅVINGE tea infuser in stainless steel and coffee grounds.
A table with a SOMMARFLOX patterned tablecloth in multicolour, an IKEA 365+ coffee/tea maker and IKEA 365+ mugs and glass.
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