A shared place, your own space

A grey bathroom with a wash-stand/wash-basin in white, a cabinet with mirror doors and bath towels and a bath mat in grey.

Open shelves and personal drawers in beautiful harmony – ENHET/TVÄLLEN bathroom furniture offers both open and closed storage, which ensures that all family members get the dedicated space they need in a shared bathroom.

A grey/grey-tiled bathroom with a wash-stand/wash-basin in white, a wall cabinet with two mirror doors and four grey towels.

Mirror doors, open shelves, spacious drawers and practical hooks create a perfect mix of storage that is both stylish and functional.

A grey bathroom with a large white shelving unit with a black swivel shelf. Plants, towels and boxes are on the shelves.

Dedicate some for toilet paper, some for plants – open shelves are just as perfect for your bathroom essentials as for your decorative items.

White shelving unit with hooks and a black swivel shelf. Trays, boxes, perfumes, lotions and more are on the shelves.

With ENHET swivel shelf you always have your favourite perfume within easy reach!

Grey towels hang on two black towels rails that are wall-mounted over a bathtub. A rubber duck stands in the bathtub corner.

Fresh, dry towels right where you need them: mount your towel rails by the bathtub and spare your floor from water.

A toothbrush holder with three toothbrushes, a soap dispenser and a tray in black/white stand on a shelf beside a wash-basin.

The practical STORAVAN 3-piece bathroom set offers coordinated style at an affordable price.