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Living room

Sofa-beds so cosy, your guests won’t want to leave

Getting together with friends and family is always a special feeling, like you want it to never end. And with a sofa-bed, your guests can stay over and you can continue over your morning coffee.

See All Sofa-Bed
See All Sofa-Bed

Living room ideas to love

Looking for inspiration and everything you need to make your dreamy living room come true? You can find all the ideas and products to fit your style and living space.

See all living rooms
See all living rooms

Top three series for seating and storage

Find all sofas, footstools, cabinets and shelving.

BILLY series.
BILLY series
BRIMNES livingroom series.
BRIMNES livingroom series

The cosy living room that easily adapts when friends come over

See our adaptable living room furniture ideas for welcoming your friends. Set the mood when they come over to watch the game on TV, have a bit to eat or simply chill out.

See all TV & media furniture.
See all TV & media furniture.