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IKEA Limited Collection !

Here’s something you can count on: There will always be exciting, new IKEA collections waiting to inspire you and enhance your everyday life at home! And since many of these are limited edition items – including some of the brand new 2021 IKEA collections – don’t hesitate to take them home with you today. Enjoy!


LOKALT Collection... Coming Soon!

From Amman with love...

Looking at the throw and the cushion covers by Jordan-based designer Tania Haddad is like taking a tour of the old part of Amman. Here are the water tanks, the laundry lines, the satellite dishes and the oasis of greenery that characterise the bustling city. The hand-embroidered details are made by skilled artisans working for Jordan River Foundation – a social business that creates jobs for Jordanian women and women refugees in the region.

LOKALT..Coming Soon!

IKEA ART EVENT 2021 Limited Collection

It’s a wonderful new vision for art and home that doesn’t play by the rules, so please go ahead and touch the artwork.

Discover IKEA ART EVENT 2021
Discover IKEA ART EVENT 2021

LJUVARE Collection

For this year's collection, IKEA chose to work together with the Lebanese designer Nada Debs. we hope that you can see, feel, use the connection between a designer from the Middle East and IKEAs democratic design.

Discover LJUVARE collection
Discover LJUVARE collection

INBJUDEN collection

Welcome to the party! INBJUDEN – a new collection with everything you need for creating unforgettable moments – is here, and you’re invited.

Discover INBJUDEN collection
Discover INBJUDEN collection