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IDÅSEN system

Smart workspaces that support your activities

An office that keeps you comfortable prevents physical stress. One that is efficient and designed for utility prevents mental stress. Bring the comfort of our designs to your office to create a space that you will enjoy spending your workdays in. They work well in a home office too.

Sensible design for great looks and maximum practicality

We spend long hours at work all day. Making yourself comfortable at that time is an investment in efficiency and good health. 


An office that looks good makes you feel good. An impressive office is essential to make the best impact on clients. The design of the office also conveys an impression of the organisation. We offer designs that will easily fit in with different looks and themes. 


Ergonomically designed offices are essential to keep people comfortable through long hours of work.  A desk that is at a comfortable height makes it easier to work. Cabinets and drawers that are easy to use prevent stress and strain from trying to open and close them.


Office furniture is subject to a lot of wear and tear. A durable piece of office furniture will function well and look good after repeated use. A quality table will be able to easily bear the load of office equipment, supplies and files. Good quality filing and storage cabinets work well even after years of use. 


Offices are designed according to a theme or based on the company’s colours. We offer designs in neutrals that will match most office interiors. We also have designs that add the beauty of colour to lighten up your office space. 


Space is at a premium in most offices. Pick from our designs that give you the maximum utility in minimal space. Use a drawer unit instead of a large unit or a desk with inbuilt storage. Desks with fixed storage may force you to be seated away from the desk centre. The unit on castors rolls easily under the desk and can be moved according to the preferences of the person seated. The unit also has a storage area on top that you can use to keep your essentials within easy reach yet off your desk. The metallic body allows you to attach items to it with a magnet.


It is annoying to be distracted by colleagues slamming doors or opening noisy cabinets. Pick storage designs that use dampers to close drawers and doors. Their silent operation is essential to keeping the office calm and quiet.

Tall compact storage

Even in the digital age, we sometimes cannot do without paperwork in offices. Storage for files and papers should be attractive and functional. A tall storage unit takes up minimal floor space. They can be placed next to a desk without taking up too much room. Tall units are also attractive when multiple units are arranged in a row. Their sides can also serve as a memo board with magnets.

Table frame

A table frame gives you the ability to create a table by matching a table frame with a tabletop of your choice. Pick a design with hooks underneath to hold your bags, jacket, cables or any other item. A table frame with a centre beam to support your legs helps you sit in a neutral posture.


Customise the look of your office space with a tabletop in your chosen colour. A contoured tabletop is essential to support the arms and wrists without hurting them. Wood tabletops add warmth to the room while black tabletops are elegant.


Office furniture should be easy to maintain regularly. This will ensure that they look fresh and attractive over time.