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Table cloths & runners

It’s Like A Makeover, But For Your Dinner Table

Our table cloths & runners do a fantastic job of protecting your tabletop from stains and spills and not just that, they come in various colours and patterns that turn any regular mealtime to a festive occasion. You can choose from our elegant cotton-linen GULLMAJ or colourful checkered RUTIG to dress up your dinner table. And if you’re looking to add that extra special touch, you can throw in some runners - there's our noise-absorbent UTLÄGGA or stylish GODDAG and MITTBIT to choose from!

Why use a tablecloth?

A tablecloth is a beautiful way to dress your table. It is also a dining table cover that helps protect the table’s surface from ring marks, scratches or stains. When you use a tablecloth on the table, any inadvertent spills get absorbed by the table cloth and spares your clothing and your person. 

Selecting a tablecloth

  • Occasion: Dress your table for the event. A colourful checked or flowered dining table cover in hard-wearing cotton is suitable for everyday use or casual occasions. Heavier tablecloths in a unique fabric or with an extra sheen are ideal for special events. 
  • Size: For a casual occasion, the tablecloth should hang 6 to 8-inches from the table to the edge of the tablecloth. For more formal events, the drop can be longer to approximately 12 to 15-inches. Measure your table and add the desired drop to the length and breadth to determine the tablecloth size. For a round table, add the drop to the diameter. 
  • Colour: Choose a colour that suits the occasion or that matches the dinnerware. 

Preventing a tablecloth from slipping

  • Use a heavier table cloth
  • Place heavy centrepieces in the middle of the table to anchor the table cloth


Placemats are practical on dining tables to protect the table from scratches or stains from the serveware and food. Placemats are used alone or with a tablecloth underneath. A dinner setting can be arranged directly on the tablecloth without using a placemat. 

Purpose of a table runner

Table runners like tablecloth have a decorative as well as a practical function. They are an extra layer of protection for your table. It also adds a touch of colour and elegance to the look of the table. Table runners make an excellent backdrop for table decorations and centrepieces. 

Selecting a table runner

  • A table runner should hang over the table’s sides but not be longer than the tablecloth. A table runner usually hangs 2 to 6-inches over the edge of the table.

You can also use a short table runner that lies at the centre of the table with an attractive centrepiece in the middle.  

  • You can use a table runner with or without a dining table cover under it. 
  • The width of the table runner should be about one-third of the width of the table. 
  • The table runner should not be an exact match to the table cloth under it. A slight contrast in colour or texture makes the table setting look more lively and attractive. 
  • Table runners are liable to get soiled during use. Select a table runner that is easy to machine wash regularly. 

Other uses of a table runner

You can use the table runner on the sideboard or console table in the dining room. Table runners are also useful to decorate a mantlepiece or a coffee table for seasonal occasions. Try and choose a table runner that complements the other decor in the room for the best effect.

Complete the dinner setting with our stylish and protective placemats & coasters.