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Place mats & coasters

Steaming Hot Plates To Overflowing Glasses - Guard Your Tabletop Against It All

While getting that marble or glass tabletop is a dream, things can get difficult if there are hot plates and sharp knives involved - this is where placemats & coasters come in! You can select from our sustainable cotton HANTVERK placemat or the rustic AVSKILD made of cork. They reduce the click-clack of cutlery and protect your table while blending in nicely with the decor. And to prevent cup ring stains from ruining your favourite table cloth, you can always throw in some of our GROGGY or GLATTIS coasters on to your dinner table.

Protect Your Dinner Table With Style

Our range of placemats & coasters not just protect your dining table from spills and damage, but they also add a personal touch to it. You can choose our black-white HANTVERK for more modern homes. Its checkered pattern fits right in, and as it's made with sustainable cotton that’s handwoven by skilled female artisans, it does good for your conscience too. If you're looking for more environment-friendly placemats & coasters, you can get our SOARÉ. Created with water hyacinths, it is a perfect fit for rustic settings! The cork AVSKILD placemat absorbs the noises of plates and cutlery, so you can have your meal in peace. And if you want to save your white tablecloth from coffee or juice stains, you can get our stainless steel GROGGY or the brass-toned GLATTIS coasters to rescue your table - they even reduce down the clinking sounds as you place your mugs or glasses on the tabletop.

Choose your favourite table cloths & runners to set your placemats on!