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Smart lights for clever homes

Change the mood of your room in an instant with smart lights. Our smart lighting solutions let you wirelessly turn on/off and choose your room lights’ colours, brightness, and warmth. Walk safely at night without fumbling for the light switch by installing a wireless motion sensor controlled light. They are also handy for hallways and staircases.

Remote technology for safety and convenience

Lighting is the quickest way to change the function of a room. Dim the lights from cool white to a warm glow for a relaxed atmosphere. Our smart wireless lighting systems are easy to install. They transform the way you use and control light in your home. You can wirelessly connect and control a group of lights easily with a smart wireless remote. Dimming the lights when required also saves electricity. 

Multiple controls simply and easily

Our remote controls for lights are simple and easy for people of all ages to use. A remote dedicated to controlling the lights makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of smart lighting. A remote can be used by anyone in the room, unlike some smart lighting systems that use a control app. You can affix the remote controller to the wall with a magnet, detach it, and keep it with you when you use the room. Return the controller to the wall mount when you leave the room.

Group your lights

Individual control for all the light sources in a room can be tiresome. Our remote controls let you group different sets of lights to make them easier to control. For example, you can use a single remote control for all ceiling lights in your living room and another for lamps. 

Practical lighting to a warm romantic glow in an instant

Smart lights offer you colour changing options that you can easily control with a remote control. You can change the mood of your room lights just as quickly as you change your mind. Choose bright white lights when the kids are doing their homework at the dining table. Promptly switch to warm lighting for a family dinner. 

Safety and security through lighting

Enjoy the convenience of a hallway that lights up as soon as you walk in the door. A wireless motion sensor is essential both for convenience and safety. If you have a stairway in the home, install a motion sensor to light up the stairway when a person approaches it. This saves electricity as the lights turn off after 3 minutes. You can also use it outside children’s rooms and in the bathroom. You can connect up to 10 lights to a single motion sensor. You can also set the level of brightness of the lights connected to the motion sensor. An intelligent day/night mode ensures that the switch does not get activated in daylight. 

Good wireless connectivity through your home

Wireless control signals can get weak or lost in a larger home or in a home with thick walls. Ensure the smooth operation of your wireless smart home devices and controls throughout your home with a signal repeater. It extends your smart devices’ range and also functions as a handy USB charger for other devices. 

Simplicity in light control

Did you put your feet up and turn on the television without dimming the lights? Control your lights effortlessly from your chair with a remote control. If you do not want smart lighting with all the options, settle for a simple wireless dimmer. Easily group up to 10 devices and control them with one dimmer switch. Changing the brightness with a wireless control is simple, straightforward and easy.