Smart integrated lighting

Brightening Your Interiors Without Burning A Hole In Your Pockets

Light up your wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, and bookcases with our range of smart integrated lighting. They can be functional like our OMLOPP LED worktop that makes kitchen work easier and the NORRFLY that helps you pick things from your wardrobe in the dark. Or, they can simply add to the mood of your living space and put a focus on your decor pieces like the URSHULT and LINDSHULT cabinet lightings. Whatever the use, you can be sure to save the environment and a few pennies on the electricity bill as the LED lights consume less energy and last longer!

Shine Some Light On Your Workspaces Or Collection Of Valuables

Our smart integrated lighting puts the spotlight on your mementos, clothes and books - quite literally! Brighten up your kitchen countertop as you chop vegetables with our OMLOPP LED worktop lighting that makes your cooking safer and easier. You can even combine it with a dimmer switch to add an atmosphere while enjoying a romantic dinner with your beloved. Display your dinnerware with pride with the OMLOPP LED spotlights, they are perfect for those glass door cabinets. And if you’re looking to put your novels or collectibles on show, our URSHULT and LINDSHULT cabinet lightings will do the trick. Just perch them atop the storage units, they are great for providing a focussed light on smaller areas. Have to get to work earlier than your spouse? Our NORRFLY LED lighting strips to switch on and off automatically as you open and close your wardrobe door - easy to pick out your day’s outfit without disturbing your partner’s sleep. Our smart integrated lighting comes with in-built LED bulbs that consume 85% less energy and last 20 times longer than regular incandescent ones - good for the environment and your pockets!