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Self watering plant pots

Your Gardening Sidekick

Ever forgotten to water your plants and thought “I wish these would water themselves”. Well, we’ve just made that fantasy into a reality with our self-watering plant pots. Our white IKEA PS FEJÖ is perfect if you’re the forgetful kind, or if you have to take off for a few days leaving your green pals behind. Its self-watering insert makes sure your get the soil nice and moist so that your herbs and flowers flourish. It’s even made with recyclable plastic!

Keep Your Plants From Drying Out

Too busy for daily gardening? Just get one of our self watering plant pots if you still want some greenery around the house. Our IKEA PS FEJÖ is perfect for the job. It’s made with recyclable plastic and comes with a handy self-watering insert that lets your plants thrive, even if you’re a bit irregular in your watering sessions. Not just that, this range of self watering plant pots are complete with castors on the bottom that makes cleaning a piece of cake, and practical little wheels too so you can shift the plant pot around your living space to give it more sunlight or simply to change your interiors up a bit. Its fashionable white colour is also a bonus as it blends right in with your decor and makes a worthy home for your colourful herbs, vines, or blooms. 

And if you’re still not confident about your gardening skills, there we have a wide range of plants, even the ones requiring less water, to choose from.