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Indoor plant pots

Give Your Plants’ Home A Renovation

Keeping plants indoors can help purify the air, brighten up your room, and if you’re growing edible herbs, can be useful in the kitchen as well. Our indoor plant pots up these advantages by adding style to your interior spaces. There’s the unique and modern HANTVERK or the rustic and charming bamboo KAFFEBÖNA - all ready to blend in with your choice of decor. We even have hanging pots like the elegant SKURAR or the self-watering SOMMARFEST - you can simply fix them to a wall if there’s floor space lacking!

Find A Home For The Medicinal Aloe Vera To The Tropical Palms

Paint your interiors with mother nature’s brush with our indoor plant pots! The pots, like our off-white HANTVERK and concrete BOYSENBÄR, give your herbs, shrubs and blossoms a home. As the HANTVERK is handcrafted, each pot is unique, and so is our BOYSENBÄR that that comes with different variations in the finish and air bubbles. Our indoor plant pots are not just containers for your flora, they are a decor piece in their own right - like our rustic bamboo KAFFEBÖNA! Made by skilled craftsmen in Vietnam, these pots are sustainable and give your home a light and airy feel. They come with soft pads on the bottom so your expensive flooring stays safe. And if your only objection against getting indoor plants is the lack of floor space, our SKURAR flower box holder and the hanging SOMMARFEST can be fixed to a wall that you would like to brighten up. The SOMMARFEST even comes with a self-watering insert, so your green pals are not left thirsty when you’re out on vacation.

We also have a colourful collection of outdoor plant pots to get you started with your terrace garden!