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PAX system

Create The Ideal Wardrobe For You

You know your home and whatever’s in it the best - that’s why we let you customise your wardrobe to the fullest with our PAX system. From the size and design of the frame to the knobs and handles on the doors, you decide it all. Get the number and type of shelves, drawers, and organisers you need, depending on the clothes and items you want to store. Let your wardrobe match your bedroom interiors by choosing glass or wood panels in the finishes and colours you desire. Make searching for outfits in the morning easier with some wardrobe lighting. The perfect wardrobe is now a reality!

If Your Clothes Can Be Customised, So Can Your Wardrobe!

We know there’s so much your wardrobe needs to store, from sarees to shirts and your shoes, that’s why our PAX system is here to make things easier for you. You can choose how many drawers, shelves, and compartments you need, based on how you plan to organise your stuff. Pick any style or size you want! We’ve even got sliding doors that save you room. Choose from either glass panels or wood finishes, depending on your taste or bedroom’s interiors. Get your favourite from our handy PAX interior organizers - the boxes, pull-out trays and dividers let your sort out your heels, lingerie, accessories, and more. The PAX system gives you flexibility on the smallest things, so take your pick of the knobs & handles on your wardrobe. You can even add some PAX wardrobe lighting to make selecting clothes in the early morning easier for you and less disturbing for your spouse.

We’ve also got the PAX wardrobes without doors for your walk-in closets and PAX doors with hinges that come with mirrored panels for you to admire your outfit of the day.