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BOAXEL system

Ultimate storage flexibility

Customisable storage solutions help create units that perfectly match your storage needs. Flexible storage lets you create a customised arrangement of shelves, hangers and baskets in large and small spaces. From a drying rack for your laundry room to a full-sized wardrobe design, this system has you covered. 

Tweak your storage layout as your wardrobe grows

A well-organised wardrobe is a delight to use. It is easier to get your wardrobe storage right when you can tweak the storage to suit the clothes. Keeping the wardrobe tidy is also easier when you have it sorted to suit your way of dressing. 

Hanging vs folding clothes

The preference of hanging clothes and folding them is very individual. A custom storage solution lets you design as much of each that you prefer. In addition to preferences, you should also consider that not all clothes can be folded or hung. You should also fold clothing that is heavy enough to bend or damage a clothes hanger.  

Tips for hanging clothes

  • Before you hang the items, check if they are knitted or stretchy.
  • Do not hang such clothing  Items such as knitwear may stretch out if hung, and they should be stored folded
  • Clothing that incorporates lycra or any other stretchy component should not be hung 
  • Delicate items such as satin, silk or lace that wrinkle easily are best stored on hangers
  • Heavily embellished clothing may be heavy in certain areas and are better folded than hung
  • Choose a hanger that is appropriate for the clothing item. Trousers should be hung on a trouser hanger.
  • Hangers for outdoor clothing keep coats and jacket shoulders in shape
  • Hang children’s clothes on smaller hangers designed for the job
  • If there are loops or ribbons provided on the garment for hanging, use them
  • Ensure that the seams of the clothing item are properly lined up.
  • The garment should not be distorted or lopsided when hanging
  • For shirts, insert the hanger from underneath to prevent stretching the neck area


Tips for folding clothes

  • Shake out garments and lay them out flat to prevent creases while folding
  • Use tissue paper when folding delicate garments 


Baskets for storage 

Mesh baskets in storage can be used to hold smaller items neatly. Socks, kerchieves and other small items are easily stored in a basket. If you find keeping a stack of t-shirts tidy on an open shelf, a wire basket makes it so much easier. Mesh baskets keep your clothing aired out and allow you to see what is inside them. 

Trouser hanger

Trousers look their best when they do not have unwanted folding lines or creases. Many a time, using a conventional hanger to hang a pair of trousers results in the formation of a fold mark at the trouser knees. A trouser hanger holds trousers without creating this kind of a fold or crease. Our modular system allows you to install a trouser hanging section to hang your trousers evenly and without creases. 

Drying racks

Not all clothes are dryer safe. A dryer rack makes it easier to air dry many clothes in a smaller space, and air drying also uses fewer resources.

Shoe racks

Our shoe racks fit in easily with the rest of the storage modules so that you can add show storage to your wardrobes. The shelves are durable and textured so that your shoes stay put. 

Wire and solid shelves 

You can choose from wire or solid shelves. The solid shelves come in a choice of colours to better suit your room or match your wardrobe. Wire shelves are helpful for storing items in boxes or for clothing that needs air circulation. 

Wall brackets and rails

When you use our storage system with brackets and rails, you can easily change the position of different components of your storage. You can also add items when you need them.