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BILLY series

A Dream Come True For Book Lovers

Give your favourite novels home with the bookcases and storage units from our BILLY series. We’ve created it to be highly-customisable. Need to store small paperbacks and large trophies? Just adjust the shelves! Made a trip to the bookstore again? Add more units for your growing collection. Get our BILLY / OXBERG combo to de-clutter your living room, add a personal touch to your space with the BILLY / MORLIDEN or choose the BILLY / BOTTNA to display those rare first editions -  the classics for your classics! 

Buying guide

A Place For Your Favourite Paperbacks, Family Photos And That Crystal Vase

Love reading? Pick a storage unit from our BILLY series and give your precious books a home. They come with adjustable shelves, so even a big picture book or a little paperback novel can fit right in. Get the BILLY / OXBERG combo for your living rooms and display your decor pieces on the open shelves and keep your books and chinaware hidden behind the clear glass doors. Traditional oak finish or modern black-brown tones, pick a look to match your house. Or get the BILLY high cabinet and build it tall to save floor space. And if you happen to buy more books, you can always stack more units. The BILLY / MORLIDEN combo from the BILLY series lets you personalise your storage - add your doodles and photos in between the glass door and panels. Want to display your coin collection or your kid’s latest drawings? Our BILLY / BOTTNA comes with a handy display shelf just for this purpose. 

Put a spotlight on your treasures and get our bookcase lighting