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Bookcase lighting

Give Your Mini-Library Some Time In The Spotlight

Show off your book collection with our range of bookcase lightings. Our LINDSHULT range goes right atop the bookcase and can be used with a dimmer remote. The URSHULT provides more focused light for smaller areas and is great to highlight your little collectables. Easy to install, the OMLOPP is a spotlight that lightens up the insides of your bookcase. Complete with energy-saving LED bulbs that last longer, these lights enhance the room’s ambience while blending in with your decor.

Making It Easier For You To Search For The Book You Want

Give your literary treasures a place in the spotlight with our collection of bookcase lightings. You can select from our nickel-plated LINDSHULT range that perches atop the bookcase, illuminating your favourite books and other trinkets. The lighting can be dimmed to suit your mood and create the perfect little reading nook. And the URSHULT is another lighting fixture that keeps the ambience cosy while providing a focused light for smaller areas, making it a lot easier for you to select your favourite titles. If you are looking for something more discrete, you can opt for our easy-to-install OMLOPP lighting range that gives a clear view of the inside of your bookcase. All the bookcase lightings come with LED light sources that save more energy and last longer - so no more worrying about the environment or your electricity bills!

To create the perfect atmosphere to suit your mood get our ANSLUTA remote control!