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6 steps for peaceful sleep

Comfort and the quality of our sleep depend on so much more than just the bed. It also depends on what we surround ourselves within the bedroom and our sleeping habits. So apart from the actual bed the right room temperature, air quality, wall colours, and sounds play´s their part in ensuring we get a good night’s rest. When focusing on the whole experience, we create the best sleeping solution for many.

It starts with the mattress

To start, the world of mattresses is complicated, and it can be challenging to know what the different choices mean. Especially since people don’t tend to buy mattresses very often. A general rule is that the heavier you are – the firmer the mattress. But as with every general rule, there are always exceptions. For example, a bad back can change a person’s needs drastically. If a couple that shares a bed, have different needs, a simple solution is two different single mattresses in a one-bed frame, so that both can get the best possible night’s sleep.

What happens when I sleep?

While you sleep and “do nothing” your body is rebooting many of its systems and carrying out all sorts of maintenance. It’s like your body is pampering itself and you don’t have to do anything but sleep.

Can I learn how to sleep like a log?

The short answer is, yes you can! Sleep is no longer the mystery that it used to be and you have almost unlimited possibilities to create a sleeping environment that fits you.

Ideas for a better sleep