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Home furnishings & accessories

Give your room a little lift with our range of homewares. Perhaps a new rug, photo frames with pictures of loved ones, or change a few cushion cover. Whatever you choose, a quick refresh can give a new a feeling to your space, letting your personality lead the way.

Boost your work-life balance

Improving your well-being, can start with a simple work-life balance. Moving from bedroom to study and back again can feel tedious, so renew your space with a few work-life accessories, from an alarm clock that wakes you gently to desk organisers keeping your workstation tidy for the next day. Start enjoying WFH, or perhaps it's a WFB (work from bed) day?

Summer sale now on!

Our Summer sale is brimming with brilliant offers on an array of products. Snap up some great bargains before they're gone.

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Everyday essentials

You don't need a big wallet to afford high-quality products that combine good function and design. Find everyday homeware essentials to complete your kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom.

Low bed with BILLY bookcases along one wall, filled with home accessories and a mix of live and artifical plants

Find your natural habitat amongst some green accessories

Boost your bedroom into a sleep retreat

Start by making a few small changes with home accessories, and you'll see wonders it can do for your work-life balance. Wake up feeling energized and ready to take on the day, knowing you're going to be relaxing in your new sleep retreat again soon.

When WFH means just finding a quiet space

Small and smart workspace, double desks used in hallway, with cube storage and message boards hung above

A smart and small workspace

Boost your children's sweet dreams

A long day of playing starts with a good night sleep and sweet dreams. We've got you and your baby covered with our softest bedding made from natural materials. Ready to welcome them to the land of nod.

See baby textiles
See baby textiles

How do you create a homeware theme?

It can be tricky to decide a theme for a new home, but we have some great places to start, with complimentary collections that run through many different categories.

Introducing metallic colours, like copper or rose gold, to your home offers a contemporary twist on a classic look, allowing rooms to quite literally shine.

  • How do you decorate a home?

    Deciding how to do up your house may involve some tough decisions, but we make decorating easy. We have a huge variety of homeware accessories, to help brighten up, cool down, add light, or develop an atmosphere.

    Adding a mirror to a room is great for creating the feeling of additional space, which is ideal if you’re working with a small room. If you’re going to hang a mirror on the wall, aim to have it at eye-level when standing roughly a meter away from it.

    You could also look at introducing a splash of colour to a room with plants and flowers, or choosing from one of our ready-made print collections, like BILD, BJÖRKSTA or PJÄTTERYD. There’s something for everyone in this diverse series, including geometric patterns, minimalist prints and statement colours.

    Make every space count by creating your own style at home with decorative accessories, candles, frames, plants and more. Or add a layer of comfort to your home with textiles using cushions, throws and rugs. And whether your preparing dinner for yourself or hosting your loved ones, we have everything you need for the perfect meal.