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Kitchen planning service

With IKEA kitchen planning service, we’re ready to help make your dream a reality. We know it’s not always simple and there’s a lot to consider. Whether you want us do it all for you or just check the plan you made, we’re here.

Through our IKEA Kitchen planning services, you meet with a Kitchen Specialist (instore or online) to create your dream kitchen. You'll receive a 3D design, product list, a kitchen quotation and estimates for additional services that can make life even easier.

Planning services |  How it works |  Do-it-yourself guides

An IKEA co-worker wearing a yellow jumper shows a piece of a worktop to two people in a store’s kitchen department.

Kitchen planning service options

In-store planning appointment

Free one-on-one appointments available in-store.

Work one-on-one with an IKEA Kitchen Specialist to create your dream kitchen.

Your appointment will last up to two hours.​

​​​When you are ready we can place your order, arrange delivery and discuss finance options with you.
For both the safety of yourselves and our co-workers, we recomment wearing face coverings whilst in store, including the duration of the kitchen planning appointment.

Online planning appointment

Free virtual planning assistance from the comfort of your home.

Work one-on-one with an IKEA Kitchen planner via an easy, online meeting programme. Through this screen sharing tool, your planner will plan your new IKEA kitchen in front of your eyes.

This appointment can last up to two hours and a further 30-minute follow-up session can be made for minor revisions if needed.

When you are ready, we can place your order and arrange delivery for you.

 How IKEA kitchen planning service works

Before a kitchen planning meeting

  1. Get inspired and informed. Browse our kitchen inspiration, explore our kitchen styles/products and list your kitchen dreams and frustrations.
  2. Measure your kitchen space and document required specifications. It’s critical this step is done correctly at the start to avoid costly surprises later.
  3. Book an appointment. Use the links above to arrange a one-on-one planning appointment, either in one of our stores or online.

During and after a kitchen planning meeting 

  1. Bring your kitchen measurements, specifications, meeting checklist, dream/frustration lists and favourite inspirational ideas to your planning meeting. 
  2. You'll receive a 3D design, product list, a kitchen quotation and estimates for additional services that can make life even easier (like delivery and installation). 

Use the IKEA kitchen planner to design on your own

Approach IKEA kitchen planning like making a new recipe. Getting an overview first is extremely useful, so you don’t skip a step or miss an ingredient. Watch our “How to Plan Your IKEA Kitchen” film. Learn more below about our tools and resources to help along the way. And remember, you can always book a free kitchen planning appointment or pay for additional services like delivery.

Kitchen planners

Remote or in-store. Design your new kitchen from the comfort of your home with our online IKEA kitchen planner. Consult our Kitchen Brochure for sample kitchens, select products and smart tips. Refer to our buying guides for in-depth information about appliances, product families and such. Or drop into a store to use the same kitchen planner and see products in person.

Frequently asked questions

  • Prior to your appointment, you will need to:

    • Measure your space - Please measure your space beforehand to ensure that the plans for your kitchen are as accurate as possible.
    • Choose your products – Start browsing our kitchen products now to get a better understanding of what you want. Knowing this before the planning session will make it more productive.   
  • Of course. If you have a design done by yourself in the IKEA Kitchen Planner or from a previous planning appointment our Kitchen specialists can use this during your planning appointment. 

  • In order for your Kitchen Specialist to plan accurately you will need to have your kitchen measurements prior to the planning appointment.

    You can take these yourself by following our YouTube video. Below is the information you’ll need to have to plan accurately: 

    • Room dimensions: You’ll need measurements for width, wall length and ceiling height. On each wall, mark connections for electricity, water, gas, vents. Measure dimensions and mark locations of obstacles like radiators, pole supports, columns, chimneys, etc.
    • Windows: Measure window dimensions, floor-to-window distance and window frame dimensions. Measure the space needed to fully open each window.
    • Doors: Measure door dimensions, floor-to-door distance, door thickness and door frame dimensions. Measure the space needed to fully open each door.
    • Electrical: For electrical outlets, measure the distance from the floor and sidewalls. List the type of electrical connection (single-phase or three-phase). Note the amperage and number of appliances that you will connect electrically (dishwasher, refrigerator, stovetop, oven). Measure and document the location of light switches.
    • Vent: Measure the diameter (and if necessary, the adaptation to the IKEA standard for the flexible exhaust pipe), the distance from the floor to the vent (at the bottom of the opening), the distance from the sidewall at the vent (the beginning of the opening). 
    • Water connections: Measure the distance to the two water sources from the sidewalls, the distance to the water drain from the floor and the wall and if there are additional water connections (like a dishwasher or washing machine).
    • Gas connections: Measure the distance from the floor to the gas connection, the distance from the sidewall to the gas connection, the diameter of the gas pipe, the distance from the floor and from the sidewall to the gas pipe.
    • Position of celiing obstacles, including sloping
  • Great that you are ready to purchase your new kitchen. If you require help in placing this order please book another kitchen planning appointment and a Kitchen Specialist will be able to finalise & place this order with you. 

  • We understand that sometimes you need to cancel your appointment. Please try to cancel 24 hours before your time slot, so we can open it for other customers.