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How to choose a mattress that’s best for you

Good sleep means more than just waking up refreshed and ready for your day. It’s vital to your overall health and wellbeing, too. For a good night’s sleep, you need a comfortable mattress that really suits you.

A man throws himself backwards to land on top of a MALM bed with a VATNESTRÖM pocket sprung mattress and white bed linen.
A man throws himself backwards to land on top of a MALM bed with a VATNESTRÖM pocket sprung mattress and white bed linen.

Do good mattresses have to cost a lot?

No! With a vision to create a better everyday life for the many people, all home furnishing products must be well-designed and functional – and come at prices so low that as many people as possible can afford them. This includes mattresses.

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A woman in pyjamas lying on a birch bed with a white ÅKREHAMN foam mattress made with white striped bed linen.
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    Better sleep, better life

    Sleep is crucial for your health and wellbeing, both physically and emotionally. When you sleep, your body restores areas like your digestive system and your cardiovascular system. Sleep is vital for your brain, too – affecting your memory, concentration and even your ability to motivate yourself.

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    A man with a beard and a grey top lies sleeping on a bed which is made with ÄNGSLILJA light grey-beige bed linen.
      A GLADSTAD upholstered bed with storage boxes and an ÅSVANG foam mattress stands in a bedroom near a window.
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        The right mattress lets your body rest

        To sleep well, your body needs to feel relaxed and comfortable. Everyone’s body is different, which is why you have a wide range of different mattresses to choose from – with different firmness levels, for example. So, it should be fairly easy finding one that really suits you.

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        A person in pyjamas lying in a BJÖRKSNÄS bed with white bed linen and an ODDRUN throw, next to a white bedside table.
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          Tips for finding the right mattress

          For many people, firmness level is very important. You can filter on mattress pages to select the firmness you want. You can filter for mattresses that best suit your sleeping position, too. Want different levels of support for different areas of your body? Go for a mattress with comfort zones.

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          VATNESTRÖM, VALEVÅG, VÅGSTRANDA and other mattresses in light blue, white and natural colours stacked into a pile.
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            A girl in blue pyjamas playing on a light blue VALEVÅG pocket sprung mattress with a person shaking a blue sheet behind her.

            Love it or exchange it – you have 90 days to decide

            It takes time for you and a new mattress to get used to each other. So you have 90 days (and nights) to make sure you’re happy with your choice. If you’re not, you can exchange it for another mattress.

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            What about sizes?

            There’s often a menu on each mattress’ product page to choose the size, too. At IKEA, we sell standard Irish sized mattresses (90x190, 135x190, 150x200 and 180x200 cm). Just don't forget to measure your bed frame before you decide to buy a new mattress to make sure it fits just right. Wondering if the size of a mattress might make it hard to get it home? Most of our mattresses are roll packed to make this easier.

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            A corner of a VALEVÅG pocket sprung mattress with a person’s hand resting on the top surface of the mattress.
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            Individual comfort when you share a bed

            If you and your partner want different firmness levels, why not use two different mattresses? If you put one wide mattress topper over them, or even a mattress protector, you’ll still have that double bed feeling. Putting a mattress wedge between the mattresses will cover any gap between them.

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            A man and a woman lie sprawled across a bed with black and white bed linen and a VÅRELD bedspread. They are asleep.
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              What are the different types of mattresses?

              These are the main types of mattresses. Within each type you'll find a lot of different options so you can choose the best comfort and support for you to get a good night’s sleep.

              In sprung mattresses the springs help keep your body supported. Your weight is spread evenly over the whole mattress, so there’s not too much pressure on any part of you. They include at least one layer of foam for added comfort.
              Foam and latex mattresses can contain different types of foam, including memory foam. They all provide good support, adapt their shape to the contours of your body and absorb the shock of body movements.

              More about springs and foam

              Springs can be Bonnell springs, which are all connected together, or pocket springs, which are each wrapped in an individual cover and work independently. Foam mattresses combine different kinds of foam, such as high resilience foam.

              A light blue VESTERÖY pocket sprung mattress on a white bed frame, dressed with light beige-green ÄNGSLILJA bed linen.

                Improvements for people and the planet

                By focusing on the most important part of the bed – the springs – recent innovation has increased the comfort and decreased the use of foam, making the mattresses more sustainable. In addition, all cotton used in production comes from more sustainable sources.

                A couple lie in a bed with BERGPALM bed linen. Behind them is a wall with a window and a SYMFONISK WiFi bookshelf speaker.

                  And don't forget about mattress toppers

                  Place a mattress topper on your mattress for an even comfier night’s sleep. It’ll help keep your mattress in better condition, too. You can make your firm mattress softer and protect it by adding a mattress topper. You can choose between various fillings and materials – all of our toppers are easily removed to air and clean. So you can keep your bed fresh and inviting every day.

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                    Total comfort also requires the right pillow

                    If you want to sleep like a baby, you also need to find the pillow that best suits your sleeping style. At IKEA, we have all kinds of pillows: feather- or down-filled, ergonomic and memory foam pillows. All have been designed to provide maximum comfort. Choose the one that suits you and have the best sleep of your life!

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                    Several pillows piled on top of each other.
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                      A person lying in her bed and looking at a 10 years mattress guarantee logo.

                      Our mattresses come with a 10-year guarantee.