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7 garden ideas for growing more creatively

You don’t need a huge outdoor space to do some impressive gardening. Whether you have a small balcony or acres of flowerbeds, all you really need is a bit of creativity. Just take the lead from our garden ideas below.

A wall rack with glass tubes containing water and plants.
A wall rack with glass tubes containing water and plants.

1. Use Something unexpected as a planter.
Like a plastic bag dispenser. Stuff it loosely with newspaper, then add soil where you’ll be placing your bulbs or plants. This method provides lots of space for growth, aeration, and water drainage.

2. Make a more rustic looking trellis by measuring and cutting (or not, depending on how large you’d like it) slats from a bed base, and tying them together. For a homier look, you could even try kitchen utensils.

3. If you’re short on space, use your walls
Mount a few wire trellises, attach some plastic soda bottle planters with gardening wire, and small glass tubes and vases, which are perfect for bulbs and stem cuttings.

4. A trolley can make a great small space gardening solution
Pick one with a few levels and divide it to suit your needs: keep your newly planted seeds and some water up top, extra pots and tools on the middle shelf, and heavier bags of soil on the bottom.

5. Plastic bins work really well for gardening, even if they may feel a bit less traditional. They’re easy to carry and rearrange; just make sure to create a few holes in the bottom to allow the water to drain.

6. Have more plants than you know what to do with?
Paint some wooden boxes and fill them up with your potted plants, then get creative with your gardening zones and create one where you may not have thought of before. We thought this old picnic table was a good spot.

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Interior designer: Marianne Eriksson
Photographer: Sandra Werud
Writer: Vanessa Algotsson

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