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Storage & organisation

From wardrobes and bookcases to display cabinets and simple shelves, storage furniture helps you give all your things a tidy place of their own. Lots of boxes and baskets for small storage, and everything with scope for personalisation to say who you are.

Our storage heroes

KALLAX TV bench, white, 147x60 cm
HEMNES shoe storage
Full bespoke PAX solution in bedroom
MOSSJÖN storage unit with glass front
BESTÅ unit in living room

Plan your storage solutions

Get creative at home using our Planner tools or book an appointment with a specialist to help you along your storage journey.

Book an appointment with a specialist
Book an appointment with a specialist
Fitted wardrobes

Design your fitted wardrobe step by step

Fitted bedroom furniture is adapted for your space so you will have the best possible storage solution. Our specialists and online planning tools will help you to create a bespoke wardrobe: just choose the style, interior organisers, add lighting – and enjoy your new bedroom wardrobe tailored just for you.  

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Our organisation heroes

KOMPLEMENT organiser with necklaces and jewellry
Hallways storage with KUGGIS boxes and SKOSTALL shoe organiser
VÄXTHUS rattan  basket
UPPDATERA organiser with cutlery in drawer
Pantry cupboard with shelves with KORKEN jars and other food storage items such as UPPDATERA boxes and KEA 365+ containers
Video: The video of a woman sitting at a messy desk stacked high with books, papers, and files. It pans to the same woman at her desk, but now it's tidy and organised ready for her to work. The IKEA logo appears.

Behind every mess is a new possibility

Often, a little inspiration can set you on your way to creating spaces that work for you. Sorting your prized possessions and beloved belongings - deciding whether to organise your home to create more space, or proudly display the things you love. We got you.

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Planning and consultation

Free personalised advice from specialists

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Maximising your storage can make your whole home less cluttered and more functional. Using smart storage and organisation can make the spaces in your home work for you. If you want to keep your belongings organised and tidy, storage furniture is a great option. We have a variety of storage choices including wardrobes, bookcases, display cabinets, wall shelves, and more.

Storage Furniture

Having the right storage furniture can make all the difference in keeping your home organised and tidy. That's why we offer a wide range of storage furniture, including wardrobes, bookcases, display cabinets, and shelves. With so many options, you'll surely find the perfect solution to fit your space and style.

Our storage furniture makes the most of your space, whether in a small flat or a terrace house. We have options to fit every need and every part of your home, from the living room to the bedroom and beyond. You can find pieces that match your taste and home decor with different materials, colours, and finishes. Plus, our storage furniture is designed with personalisation in mind, giving you the opportunity to add your personal touch and make it truly yours.

Organising your home

In addition to our storage furniture, we also offer a variety of boxes and baskets for small storage. These can be used to store everything from clothing to toys, and they come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your needs.

Bathroom storage tips

Your bathroom is another area that needs some organisation too. Most bathroom are compact so space is at a premium. It's easy to add more bathroom storage by choosing bathroom furniture and accessories that can do double duty:

  • Bathroom mirrors with added storage can tidy away the toiletries you use everyday and leave sink areas clear.
  • Try adding bathroom storage to your walls in the form of wall shelves or wall mounted bathroom cabinets. Shelves can also be used for more decorative items as well, like a plant or candle.

Kitchen organisation tips

Go beyond the basic kitchen storage you have with kitchen cabinets by tackling the inside. Drawer divider and plate holders are just a couple of examples of ways to organise your drawers and cabinets.

Get your kitchen organised:

Kitchen trolleys - store everything from tableware and glasses to napkins, herbs and spices, and plastic storage boxes. When cooking, simply roll it to where you need it for easy access.

Open kitchen storage - smart storage doesn’t mean everything has to be hidden away. Keep your favourite crockery or kitchen utensils on an open shelf, so everyday items are easy to reach while preparing food.

Kitchen wall orgainsers - when space is tight, use every inch all the way up to the ceiling. Rails and hooks are a great way to boost storage. Or think beyond your wall space and put your doors to work too.

Bedroom storage tips

Your bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation, so eliminating the clutter is key. Everything just needs a place, so it can be stored away in your bedroom.

To show or hide your wardrobe? That is the clothes organising question. When you are trying to figure out the answer, consider the impact one part of the room has on another.

Open wardrobes can suit larger rooms or dedicated areas, but in smaller spaces it can make your bedroom feel more like a dressing room. In those cases, choose closed storage or try adding a curtain to hide the clutter when you are looking for calm.

Always store out-of-season clothes in boxes and add labels so you know exactly what’s inside each one. This will make it easier to find what you are looking for and free up place for what you are wearing this season.

Living room storage tips

Use closed storage to your advantage. Too much clutter in the living room can make it hard for us to relax at the end of the day. So, on an open bookshelf, adding boxes or baskets to hide away small or messy things that you need but don’t want to see.

Customise storage in the living room. Make a large storage unit more effective by adding pull-out boxes and inserts. Mix open storage with closed and choose different materials to give it a personal, customised look.

Hallway storage tips

Don’t let a hallway be wasted space. It takes most of us well over an hour to leave the home after waking up. Streamline your hallway to have everything you need at the ready when you are walking out the door.

A handy hallway table or shelf might just make getting out the door a bit easier. It's the perfect place to drop off or pickup items like keys so you always know where you left them.

Coat, bag, scarf? Check. Find them all on the hallway wall. Wall-mounted hooks and shelves are the perfect solution to get them sorted.

Don't forget the shoes! Depending on how many shoes you need to store, add one or a whole wall of shoe cabinets to add loads of storage to a narrow hallway. As well as shoes, it's a great place to keep general household stuff hidden away too.