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Shoe racks & stands

How do you get the hallway to be that stumble-free, get-ready-in-the-morning-without-thinking part of your everyday? Our different styles of coat stands, clothes rail and coat hanger stands make your outdoor things easy to get at without using up too much of your space. Don't forget the hooks and hangers to finish organising your home.

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When you are rushing out the door, finding the perfect pair of shoes to complete your outfit can be quite a challenge. If you are someone who has limited closet space, having the right shoe rack is key. 

We offers a wide selection of shoe storage solutions to keep your complete collection organised and easily accessible. From shoe racks to shoe stands, in many sizes, styles, and materials, you can find the best solution to suit different preferences and storage needs. 

Storage solutions designed specifically for shoes

Shoe organisers (including shelves, racks, and more) are essential for keeping shoes organised, shapely and clean, and preventing clutter.

By adding shoe storage units around your home, you can make it easy to find your shoes by giving them a designated space. This simple setup makes your space look neater, as provides easy access to your shoe options as you leave the house. It also allows guests and other household members to place their shoes neatly upon entering or exiting your home.  

What types are shoe racks are there?

Shoe shelves are the most common type of shoe rack, consisting of a series of horizontal shelves that can hold multiple pairs of shoes. They can be made of wood, metal, or plastic, and are available in assorted sizes to accommodate different shoe types and sizes.

Shoe cabinets, also known as shoe stands, are a type of shoe rack that features doors or drawers that conceal the shoes inside. They are ideal for people who want to keep their shoes out of sight and maintain a clutter-free home.

Shoe organisers, also known as shoe hangers, are versatile shoe racks that can be hung on the back of a door or mounted on a wall. They feature pockets or compartments that can hold individual shoes, making them ideal for small spaces or people who only have a few pairs of shoes. These types of shoe storage solutions allow you to stack shoes vertically, thereby reducing the floor space needed for shoe storage. 

Another elegant and handy shoe storage solution that can help you make the most of your space is a shoe bench. Shoe benches are shoe racks that combine storage with seating. They feature a bench or stool on top, with shoe shelves or compartments underneath. They are ideal for entryways, where people can sit down to put on or take off their shoes. Whether it is in the entryway, your bedroom or the living room, this stylish and space-saving solution is quite popular as it doubles as home furnishing.

Discover our space-saving storage solutions to neatly display your shoe collection.