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Kitchen wall storage & organisers

When cabinet and drawer space is in short supply – but your kitchenware and supplies aren’t – wall storage and organisers can fill the gap. Create your own kitchen wall storage solution with rails, hooks, containers and shelves that make everything easier to grab and also make a style statement.

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A set-up to make your dirty dishes disappear

Daily washing-up is a true test for kitchen organisation. Minimise messiness with a wall-mounted (no need to drill) SUNNERSTA set that holds all you need accessible, tidy and, best of all – out of the way.

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A SUNNERSTA kitchen organiser set filled with drying tableware and washing-up accessories.
A kitchen worktop by a patterned-tile wall. In front is a SUNNERSTA kitchen organiser set with drying tableware.
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Discover the complete HULTARP series.

Organise like a pro

Anyone can have a professional kitchen at home. All it takes to unleash your inner chef is a little planning and the right organisation.

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Keep your cooking accessories close to hand with some IKEA kitchen wall storage. Wall hooks and hanging storage are an easy way to keep all your kitchenware within reach, while making a feature of them. 

Check out our wide range of storage solutions and get ready to enhance your kitchen. 

Kitchen wall storage shelves  

Kitchen shelves are a really great way to save on cupboard space, while keeping your things readily available. Here are a few tips for making the most of shelving in your kitchen. 

Decorate with kitchen supplies 

Open shelves let you add decoration to your kitchen, as well as extra storage options. Pop a few herb pots, a cup hook or even an ornately designed tea box on yours for double the convenience and style. 

Exhibit your cookware 

Want to show off that shiny kitchenware? Just keep it out in the open! A quick and easy way to do this is to add a shelf with a rail to a wall in your kitchen. Add some S hooks to it, and you’ll be able to hang your most stylish pots and pans in full view too – making them a standout part of your kitchen décor. 

Keep your spices handy 

A well-stocked spice rack is a kitchen essential. We recommend mounting one to a wall that’s close to your prepping area. That way, all your spices and seasonings will be within easy reach while you’re cooking. A spice rack is also a great way to add a dynamic range of colour to your kitchen, from the dark reds of powdered paprika to the bright yellow of an aromatic curry blend. 

Boxes, baskets and containers 

Using boxes, baskets and containers makes it easy to keep your kitchen bits and bobs organised and out of sight. A basket is ideal for storing ingredients like lemons, onions or garlic. While boxes are better for neatly storing cleaning products, like sponges, kitchen cloths and a washing up brush. 

Hanging a container next to your stove or cooktop can give you easy access to your favourite cooking utensils, putting them within instant reach whenever you need them. Or maybe add a condiment stand to your setup, ensuring your ketchup or hot sauce is always close to hand.