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Beds with storage

From bed sheets and duvets to clothes and shoes, bedrooms have a lot to look after. Our ottoman beds and storage beds won’t just give you a comfy night’s sleep, you’ll get handy extra space into the bargain. And a great bonus is that you never have to vacuum underneath!

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Storage beds are a great solution for compact living spaces. You get to use your bed space at least twice – as a bed and for storage, but sometimes also as a sofa or a daybed. The built-in storage underneath a bed is a perfect hiding place for your bed linen, but it can of course also be used for storing clothes or hiding your comic books. Whatever you choose to store underneath or within your storage bed, you’ll enjoy the practical, tidy and organized nature of it. Who doesn't love to make use of otherwise wasted space? 

The right storage bed for the right space

We have a diverse range of beds with storage, and ottoman beds that fit all styles and spaces. Choose between single or double beds, in light or dark colours, with or without headboards, and in modern, sleek designs or classic, elegant styles.

Most of our storage beds have drawers underneath that you can pull out on at least one side of the bed. In smaller rooms, this might not always be possible, because there may not be enough space beside the bed for you to pull out the extra storage. In those cases, an ottoman bed could prove a be a better solution, where you lift the mattress upwards to store things underneath. 

Storage beds as room dividers

Some of our storage beds have bookcases and shelving units built into the frame. These units come in varying heights and can provide you with different storage options and styles. But besides their clever storage capabilities, you’ll find they also make excellent room dividers - a room divider that you can decorate with your favourite treasures and trinkets, to boot. If you prefer a different kind of bed, without the big storage frame - but still want to divide your room - we also have a wide selection of room dividers that will match both our beds and your personal style.