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Divan beds

Nothing beats a full night’s sleep and our divan beds have a lot of choices to help you find the sleeping comfort that best suit you. Of course even when you’re not asleep, the soft headboards help make reading or watching TV extra comfortable, too.

Divan beds are made from two parts, a bed base and a mattress. They can also sometimes come with mattress pads or separate legs. A popular choice because of their comfort and style, a divan bed base frame is made of wood covered with fabric. Often the base features built-in storage drawers, as do several of our divan beds. 

Some bases also have a stylish headboard to create a comfier spot for reading and to give your room a cosier look. What you go for is all down to your personal taste. Discover divan bed bases in different colours, with or without headboards and with or without drawers underneath.    

Double, king size or single divan beds? 

When it comes to choosing what size divan bed you need, there are a few things to consider. The most obvious is how many people are going to sleep in the bed. You’ll also need to think about how much space each person needs and wants. Or if a bed for one person might need to sleep two people in the future. Whatever size you go with, our durable divan beds are sure to be with you for a long time. 

Available sizes – width  

The standard length of all our divan beds is 200 cm, but the widths vary as follows:

  • Single: 80 cm
  • Small double: 120 cm
  • Double: 135 cm
  • King size: 150 cm
  • Standard super king: 180 cm 

Divan bed base – without the mattress 

We know mattress preference is different for everyone. That’s why some of our divan bed bases are sold separately, so that you can pick a mattress that fits your tastes as well as the base.