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Single beds

From traditional to modern, at IKEA you'll find single bed frames at affordable prices. If you want to make more of your space, go for a storage bed or one that you can slide underbed storage underneath. We have a lot of different materials, and some with extra room for one extra person…

Looking for other bed sizes?

Sleep comfortably in the bed of your dreams! At IKEA you’ll find single beds for every style and need. From modern to traditional, our large choice of single beds and single bed frames will suit any space. We even have options with built-in storage so you can both tidy up and cosy up.

With a range of colours, materials and looks, our wide range makes it easy to find your perfect bed. Many of our single beds also work well as day beds or guest beds and can be easily converted into a sofa by just moving a few cushions around.

Single beds with clever storage

Keep your bedding where you need it most. Right beneath the bed! Many of our single beds have clever storage options, including built-in drawers on a space for boxes to slide under. This means you can save on floor space and keep everything within easy reach.

What about a sleepover?

Some of our single beds also have the option to accommodate another person, just in case. To keep things cosy, many are wide enough to fit two side-by-side. Or if you appreciate your own space, choose to have another mattress in an underbed or stacked within the frame. Practical for expected or unexpected guests.

Single bed size

A single bed is normally 80 or 90 cm wide and 200 cm long. But the width can vary a bit. Some single beds are only 75 cm wide and some can be up to 100 cm wide. Just remember that the bed frame or base can be wider than the mattress width, so keep those measurements in mind when planning your space. It’s also worth reading all product descriptions carefully and double-checking dimensions to ensure your dream bed will fit. If you’re interested in a wider bed that’s more comfortable for two people, have a look at our wide selection of double beds.