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Home accessories

Looking to refresh your home? Adding new home accessories, like a cosy rug or a vase of fresh flowers, can make any space feel more like a home. Whatever homewares you choose, let your personality lead the way.

Sprinkles of traditional style to create a cosy home

Earth tones and warm neutrals make a living room homey. Wool, wood and handwoven baskets tie in rustic touches with beautiful cosiness. 

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Decoration bauble, set of 12, glass/mixed colours
VINTERFINT wreath hung on a mantlepiece.
VINTERFINT Santa soft toy on a sofa
FENOMEN block candle
VINTERFINT tree-shaped hanging decoration
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Our tips on choosing the best accessories

Not sure what you're looking for or how to find it? Find our tips and ideas below to help you make the best choice for you.

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What are home accessories?

Home accessories are any smaller items in your house, so basically not large furniture pieces. They also can have a decorative element beyond their simple functionality. These kinds of accessories for home decoration include curtains, tablecloths, wall art, plants, pots, baskets, cushions and rugs. More functional types of room accessories are lamps, kitchenware, hooks and electronics. You can use these accessories to create the style and colour scheme you’re looking for in each room. They also help you personalise your space by showing off your interests, your tastes and your unique character.

What is homeware and what does it include?

The term homeware is a bit more specific. It refers to the equipment of your house, or in other words, the small, functional accessories that make your life a bit easier day to day. Homewares include kitchen accessories like plates, cutlery, glasses, trays, dish brushes or food storage. It also includes living room accessories like clocks, lamps, power cords or watering cans for plants, and bedroom accessories like mattress protectors, lightbulbs, children’s products, pet products or shelving. It even can include bathroom accessories like soap dispensers, mirrors, hooks, bins or toothbrush holders. That’s not to say this kind of home stuff can’t be decorative too, but just that its primary use in your house is to serve a particular need.

How to choose home accessories

There are a few factors that come into play when deciding which home accessories to decorate with. A good first step is to do some research. Look into colour schemes and styles to see what fits your tastes. On this page, you can browse decorative accessories by colour (black, white, red, blue, green and yellow), popularity, sustainability and more (scroll up to see the different options). An important aspect, at the heart of these choices, is showing off your personality – both for your guests but also for yourself, so you can feel comfortable in your home.

How to organise your home accessories

When choosing home accessories, it’s important to consider the room layout and how different items relate to each other. Your home accessories should be paired together by their looks, colours, materials and styles. For instance, keep wooden items near wooden items, metal items near metal items, and accessories within a colour scheme near other objects within that scheme. Another approach is to think about shape and size. In this case, it’s sometimes wise to mix up your home accessories so that larger ones are next to smaller ones, taller ones next to shorter ones, and so on. This helps make the space more visually interesting.

How to pick a style for your home

The most important part of creating a style in your home is choosing decor you actually connect with. It should express your personality and make you feel excited to show off your house. A good place to start is to learn more about the different styles and possibilities out there. It’s also important to make sure the themes between your different rooms flow well together, and that you have enough space and decor to complete the look. To find inspiration, dig through your closet and get a feel for what your personal aesthetic might be. You can also browse online to find ideas for rooms that’ll get your creative juices flowing.

The most important accessories for decorating the home

When choosing accessories for home decoration, it’s best to keep in mind the must-haves. These are basic items that every home needs, but they can also be used to create a special character for each room in your house. For example, every home needs some kind of art and several purely decorative accessories, which serve to express your tastes and creativity. Houseplants are also an important basic, but the type, number and placement you choose goes to the question of your personal style. Other important home accessories are candles, mirrors, rugs, vases and bowls along with other essentials that together create the atmosphere and ambiance you’re going for.