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Show off your savvy

Show off your savvy

These days it’s not all about who has the biggest house with the most expensive furniture. In 2023 smart is the new rich, so go on, brag about your washable sofa covers, flex your water saving tap nozzle, gloat about your extendable coffee table and don’t fight back the urge to boast while you host because it’s time to ‘Show off your savvy’. 

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Make your home warmer, spare your budget and live more sustainably with these affordable solutions and actionable ideas. 
Tips and ideas to make your wedding day uniquely you. A few simple DIY tips can help take the pressure off the big day, and make this special time a little more unique.
Growing indoor plants made easy. Discover tips and ideas to help your plants thrive, plus dive into our plant catalogue for care instructions specific to your green friend.


Man and women sat in an IKEA Restaurant

Good news: all our Ireland stores are now open!

This includes our Restaurants, Swedish Food Markets and Bistros. 

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