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Floor lamps

Good news! Your home has floors, which means you have room for floor lamps. Just find a style you love and a base that fits your space. We’ve got modern floor lamps that can slide under sofas and traditional standard lamps with shades that are tall on statement-making style.

Check out our range of wireless smart light bulbs to control the ambiance of your home remotely.

Let there be light. From floor lamps to standard table lamps, we’ve got all you need to illuminate your home with cosy and practical lighting. A soft corner light can create a calming mood in your living room. Some well-placed lighting behind your favourite chair or sofa can make things like reading a delight.

For floor lamps, we’ve got plenty of different styles to choose from. Upright, tripod and arc floor lamps are available in a variety of finishes, including copper-coloured metallics and natural, warm woods. Wooden floor lamps are a great way to bring some subtle texture into your home. If you prefer a cleaner or tidier look, our selection of contemporary floor lamps come in materials like metallics and tinted or shaded glass.

Whatever type of lighting you prefer, you’ll be able to find a lamp you like in our wide selection.

How do you choose a floor lamp?

Different types of floor lamps provide different types of lighting. Standard standing lamps or floor lamps like ÅSTRID can light up larger areas and are a good choice if you want the whole room to benefit. Uplighters, like our NOT lamp, point towards the ceiling, which also helps brighten the entire room. Task lighting on the other hand, focuses lighting in one specific area – our RANARP lamp is ideal for when you’re reading or writing at night.

If you can’t decide, you can combine. Our wide range offers floor lamps with dual light sources that can be turned on and off separately. Giving you the flexibility to change up your lighting for whatever you need. For example, with lamps like FLUGBO, you get a spotlight for task lighting and an uplighter to light up the rest of the room.

Where should you put floor lamps?

Finding the perfect spot to place a floor lamp all depends on the type of lamp and what sort of lighting you need. If the lamp is designed to provide directional task lighting, we recommend placing it behind or above a sofa, armchair or table. Tucked away like this, the lamp can provide the light you need without getting in your way.

If it’s an up-or down-lighter, they’re generally best placed in a corner. This allows the light to reflect off the walls and spread across the room. Also remember that floor or standing lamps are easily moved around, which is great if you're redecorating or if you need it somewhere else.