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Ceiling lights

What hangs out in a room even when nobody’s there? Ceiling lights! From spotlights to flush ceiling lamps to pendants and chandeliers, they provide general light and their designs say specific things about style. Whether you want an industrial feel, a natural touch, a retro vibe or another look, we have a ceiling light for you (and to keep your furniture company).

Ceiling lights are more than just functional – they can be a bright spot in any room of your home. Whether you’re looking for a head-turning chandelier, an elaborate pendant lamp or a ceiling track of soft spotlights, you’ll find plenty to choose from at IKEA. 

Ceiling lights as a general light source 

Before choosing a ceiling light, you need to think about what it’ll be used for. 

If it’s going to be a general light source, a semi-flush, pendant or chandelier placed in the middle of the room will work nicely. For highlighting a particular feature or element of your décor, we recommend a ceiling track with spotlights. If you need to light up a workspace, such as a desk or a kitchen island – consider a flush ceiling light directly above.  

The right ceiling light for the right room 

The second question you need to ask yourself is which room you’re lighting, and what you’ll be doing in the room. 

For rooms where you need to focus or find things easily, like a hallway, it’s a good idea to prioritise bright, practical lighting. Bathrooms can also benefit from a large amount of light, especially for activities like shaving or applying makeup. 

Living rooms and children’s bedrooms are often multi-purpose, so we recommend strong lighting for both entertaining guests in the lounge, and for playing in the children’s room. But once the guests leave and bedtime arrives, having some softer mood lighting to switch to can be handy. 

Remember to mind your head! 

One of the most important factors to think about when choosing a ceiling light is the height of your ceilings. 

Pendant or chandelier style lights can become a bit of an obstacle if your ceilings are too low. If this is the case for the room you’re lighting, go for flush ceiling lights, LED spotlights or something recessed – and you won’t need to worry about bumping your head. 

If you do have a high ceiling, however, we have pendant lamps and shades available in various different designs to allow you to express your individual style. 

Ceiling lights as interior design 

Decorating with light can be a tricky, but fun challenge. As every light source can change the mood of a room, you need to think about the direction and intensity of the light, and most importantly, the look of the lamp itself. 

If you want to take your lighting design to the next level, check out our decorative lighting, integrated lighting and smart lighting products for inspiration. 

Unsure how to install a ceiling light? If you’re not confident about putting the light up yourself, it’s always best to contact a trained electrician.