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Children's lighting

Do you have a little one who's afraid of the dark? Our LED night lights are the perfect solution. Our children lights provide a soft glow and are designed to make bedtime a breeze, and they're perfect for helping your kids feel safe and secure at night.

Whether it's a cold winter night or a warm summer evening, a night light can be a comforting presence for children. Night lights can help to soothe kids who are afraid of the dark. With a gentle glow and a variety of fun and playful designs, our night lights are the perfect way to help your kids feel safe, while also making it easier for parents to navigate their child's bedroom at night.

Kids’ lamps:

Our array of kids’ lamps featuring their favourite characters is what you will need. These night lights are so pretty and safe as they come to your kid’s play toy during the day. Our children’s lights are not too bright, and they go through some of the toughest safety tests in the world so you can be sure your child is safe.

Whether you are planning to redecorate the children’s room for the season or just an additional kids’ chest of drawers or children’s desk for the lamp we got you covered. Browse our brilliant kids’ bedroom furniture range.