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Shades, bases & cords

Our large selection of lamp fittings and lamp parts gives you infinite ways to create your very own light solution. So you can choose the colours, patterns and styles that will make your home shine. And when you’re ready for a new lighting look, all it takes is a new shade.

Our large lighting selection provides practically infinite ways to personalise a room’s look and feel. Choose from a range of light fittings, like ceiling or pendant, to make your home shine. And when it’s time for a refresh, all it takes is a new shade.

What are the different kinds of ceiling light fixtures and fittings?

All IKEA shades come with their own fittings, which will either attach to the base of the bulb fitting or to the bulb itself.

There are three main types of light fixture: spider, uno, and clip-on. The first two rest or screw onto the plastic housing that the bulb goes into, while the clip-on can be gently attached to the bulb itself.

How do you choose the right lampshade?

We appreciate the importance of having your home look just right. That’s why we offer variety with almost everything we sell, so there’s always a style to suit your taste. When it comes lighting, we have small and large lampshades, glass lampshades, and even lampshades made of paper. Making it easier to customise your living room, bedroom or hallway.